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AML Compliance Outsourcing
..Single MLRO or Full Team

As an outsourced solution, we can provide your fintech or VASP company with an accredited and regulator-accepted Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) or Compliance Officer (CO), complete with an official employment contract. Alternatively, we can offer a full AML compliance team to manage your back-office functions or provide AML training with official diploma issuance.

Setup from 1 weekIndividual MLRO

Regulated entities require a local resident MLRO with professional background to be employed, but it may be a challenge to source one. We provide a solution.

Setup from 1 weekCompliance Officer

Appointment may also include management board or director capacity to verify that the business is operating in full compliance with legal regulations and guidelines.

Upon reviewAML Compliance Team

Outsource fintech and crypto industry experienced team(s) to cover all back-office needs by monitoring and handling KYC, KYT, reporting and risk management.

Upon reviewAML Training

Our certified lecturers provide a variety of overall and specific trainings regarding AML, inc. we hold official accreditation to issue widely accepted AML specific diplomas.

Extend your Business
while Avoiding Risks

Starting or operating a regulated business mostly requires significant investments and on-going costs to fulfil regulatory requirements.

Outsourced solutions for employment connections and regulatory compliance is a sound business strategy to mitigate unforeseen risks and expenses related to payroll and management.

Our outsourcing packages with limited monthly commitment enable to reap the benefits of skilled professionals and regulatory compliance with flexible service plans. Moreover, we manage the administrative infrastructure, including office space and training.

We employ experienced specialists into our teams whom meet the industry specific regulatory requirements and whom pass fit-and-proper tests. We thereafter provide fractional outsourcing options for such talent with official employment options.

Whilst providing an overall infrastructure for sharing of best practices and information our teams are also better positioned to keep up to date with all the latest industry trends and legislative amendments.

As a bonus our other departments can also cover legal, corporate, accounting and audit services upon preference.

AML Oversight
AML Reporting
AML Audit
Legal and corporate
Disputes & Representation
Accounting & Audit

How to Onboard and
what is the Cost?

Our onboarding process commences with an initial virtual meeting to discuss potential areas of collaboration and the associated costs. Subsequently, we carry out a more detailed Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure and provide a questionnaire to gain better insights into the client’s business. If requested, we are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

We prioritize minimizing risks for all parties, and we only onboard transparent companies that share our commitment to regulatory compliance.

Our service fees vary depending on the jurisdiction and regulatory requirements. For outsourced employment positions, the monthly fee is calculated for limited working hours commitment, which includes working premises, on-going training, and equipment. However, we do not provide IT infrastructure tools for automated KYC and KYT, which are specific to each company and require direct engagement.

We have been providing outsourced solutions for VASP-s since the introduction of EU legislation in 2017. We are well-versed in all associated requirements, regulatory expectations, and client needs.

Our approach is prompt and flexible, and we are renowned for our ability to find solutions to complex requirements. Please let us know how we can assist you.

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